a long time ago wholesale pots and pans

Listening to my grandmother, Dad didn't have us happy now when he was young. He started cooking himself from the second grade of elementary school. At that time Wholesale tableware suppliers Not developed, let alone induction cooker, even for ordinary cooking wholesale pots and pans No, so rice and food can only be done in a large pot. Because there is no gas, cooking can only burn firewood, so you have to use one hand to hold the tongs and add firewood to the stove. The other hand turns the spatula to cook and cook; one eye is staring at the fire in the stove, and the other Only the eyes cooked the food in the pot. It takes not only an hour or two to make a meal, but Dadí»s lean little face always turns into a big face, and is smothered by dark smoke. When Dad graduated from college, the situation at home has improved. "Turtle cover" became a slightly smaller pot, and firewood was replaced by briquettes. As a result, the kitchen was no longer hazy and the cooking time was cut in half. But if you cook a rib soup, you still have to spend an hour and a half. When I was born, Mom and Dad took me into my new home. Not only has the housing area been a lot bigger, but the home's facilities have also undergone great changes; the addition of a "Haier" brand refrigerator, I have my own wardrobe ... the biggest change, of course, is the home wholesale plates and bowls Home is not only convenient and fast gas stove, but also has a rice cooker. Under this time, starting dinner can be "saving time and effort and worry," and stewed pork ribs, stewed lamb, porridge ... ... all can be in 40 minutes "you're done."

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