wholesale kitchen utensils need upright and held upside down on the shelf to drain water quickly

Many families are accustomed to putting together washed wholesale plates and bowls in a cupboard. The newly washed dishes are stacked together so that it is easy to collect water. The cabinets are closed, not ventilated, and it is difficult to use water. Evaporation will naturally breed bacteria. Some people like to dry their bowls with dry rags, but the rags carry many bacteria. This seemingly "clean" approach is counterproductive. In addition, the dishes were bunched together. The dirt on the bottom of the last dish was all stained on the next dish. It was unsanitary. Experts suggest that you can have a wholesale pots and pans next to the sink.

frame. After the cleaning is completed, the dish is placed upright and the bowl is held upside down on the shelf. The dish can be dried naturally and it is both easy and hygienic. Chopsticks tube and knife holder to breathe

Some people put their chopsticks in a cupboard or put them in an airtight plastic chopsticks tube. These methods are not advisable. It is best to choose chopsticks made of stainless steel wire and have good air permeability. wholesale kitchen utensils are nailed to the wall or placed in a ventilated area so that it can drain water quickly. In addition, it is not advisable to place the kitchen knife on the unventilated drawers and knife holders. It is also advisable to choose a knife holder with good air permeability.

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