Fun Pass and Arcade Specials!

Roll on over to Oasis Lanes for all of your Fun Pass and Arcade Play needs! Oasis Lanes offers a variety of packages for all occasions and every age group. We can customize our various purchase packages to meet the needs of your event or occasion. 

Monday - Friday 3pm - 5pm games are half price


1. Get Your Fun Pass

Recharge it anytime at the KIOSK

Charge your Fun Pass with $20 or more at a time and get Bonus Cash with your purchase!

2. Start Winning Points

So you can get those prizes!

Your points will go directly onto your Fun Pass so you don't have to lug any tickets around!

3. Points to Prizes

Redeem your points for some amazing prizes!

Don't have enough points? Ask about purchasing from our Redemption Center!

Fun Pass Bonus Cash

Purchase $20-$100 on Fun Pass & get $5-$40 in Bonus Cash

Time Arcade Play

Purchase $12-$50 on Fun Pass for 20 minutes - 2 hours of Unlimited Play

Purchase Extra Points

Purchase $1.50 - $150 on Fun Pass & get 100 - 15,000 in Points

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